Complete Guide for Your Semicolon Check

semicolon checkSemicolon is usually found between independent clauses when you try to eliminate the use of a conjunction. It is a punctuation that is not a comma and neither a period. Sometimes, it is described as punctuation stronger than a comma but not strong enough to be a period. Well, it’s the balance between those two punctuations. It can be put this way: you don’t want to end something but you want to continue as well.

In our modern life, it is vital to know how to write, edit or summarize paragraphs online to make your papers look authentic and professionally written!

Checking Your Semicolon: A Self-Help

check semicolon usageIf you want your paper to be truly flawless, using colons and semicolons correctly is important. When you’re in the middle of writing something that you are very passionate about, like a travel experience you want to share in your blog, you want to savor the continuity of the ideas. You fear that if you stop, you won’t be able to recall the details of the trip. This may result to long and run on sentences. But you don’t have to worry because there are semicolon check services that you can use to check your punctuations.


There are several online services that you can use to help you check semicolon usage. Once you searched the internet, a list will be provided for you. Use your best judgment on which website to use. For the meantime, here’s how to use a sentence checker for your articles.

  • Copy the paragraph you want to edit or check in a sentence corrector. It is advised to copy one or two sentences only for you to check and compare the finished product from the original one.
  • Open the website and paste your paragraph inside the text box provided. Click on the button at the bottom of the box. This button usually reads “Check” or “Submit”.
  • Wait for a couple of seconds or minutes and the program will check it for you.
  • A new paragraph text will be posted at the box (usually at the lower part of the original text box). Sometimes, the corrected parts will be highlighted if the website does not provide a box for the new text.
  • Copy the new text and paste in on your document.
  • Review the final document before printing it. Make sure that there are no errors in sentences, semicolon grammar or punctuation. Although these websites claim to be perfect, it is still advisable to review your document for final checking.

How to Check Your Semicolon Usage

semicolon check

Checking your punctuations like that of a semicolon is no longer a huge problem. With the dawn of internet, all these services have become available online. It will not be hard for you to ask someone to ‘please check my grammar’ and pay him from your allowance. This is because check my grammar online usually comes for FREE! There are also paid online grammar services. These paid websites are usually run by human correctors and not a program alone. They are known to be more accurate and emphatic than a software-generated one. This is because a human editor can make a judgment whether a sentence is correct or not.

Use our semicolon check tool today!

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